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How to find cheap car insurance in Warrington


There are plenty of ways that you can cut the cost of your car insurance. For that reason, car owners looking for cheap car insurance in Warrington might want to consider these tips before they decide which insurance policy to go for.

Make sure you’re using the right job title

Surprisingly, the job title that you write on your insurance form can make a huge difference in the price that you’ll be quoted. For example, it’s been found that those who write their job title as “chef” will end up paying, on average, £98 more than those who write their job as “kitchen staff.” Similarly, “construction workers” will pay more than “builders” who pay more than “bricklayers.” Essentially, it depends on whether or not your job fits into more than one category. It’s worth being careful with this, as choosing more than one job can mean you’re misrepresenting yourself and therefore invalidating your cover if anything were to go wrong.

Add another driver to your insurance policy

Adding another, experienced, driver to your insurance policy can dramatically decrease the amount of money you’ll be forking out. While it’s a crime to lie about who the main driver of a car is, adding another driver is perfectly legal, and you can save money in the long-run, particularly if you’re a younger driver. Choose someone more experienced, who has a clean driving license, and as little claims or points as possible. Of course, you’ll need to get their permission first.

Don’t be afraid to cut your extras

Do you know what’s included in your car insurance quote? Perhaps it includes some things that you’re never going to use such as cover for driving abroad, a courtesy car or windscreen cover? If that’s the case, you might want to opt out of having these extras to lower your overall cost.

Pay more voluntary excess

Your voluntary excess is the amount of money you agree to pay yourself at the start of your insurance policy. Understandably, the lower your excess, the higher your insurance will be so it’s best to work out what you can afford to pay in case of an accident. More often than not even an amount as little as £50 can end up making a big difference and paying upfront can mean that you won’t be paying the expected interest on your payments over the course of the forthcoming year.

Keep your car secure

Even something as little as keeping your vehicle in a garage overnight or installing a car alarm, immobiliser or tracking device can decrease the cost of your insurance by roughly 5%. Keep in mind that you’ll need to prove to your chosen insurer that you have these security measures in place, but many newer cars will come with these features as standard.

Protect your no-claims bonus

A no-claims bonus is the amount of years that you’ve been driving without claiming on your insurance policy. Building this up is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance, although the majority of insurers will only use a maximum of five years NCB when calculating your discount. Additionally, some insurers might count an accident caused by another driver on your bonus, so it’s always worth checking this out on the policy before you commit.

Never leave it until the last minute

Leaving your car insurance renewal until the very last minute can mean that you’ll be forking out far more than you could be if you carefully plan. We recommend that you start searching for a new car insurance quote around a month before your renewal date. This way, even bigger savings will be available to you. Using reputable price comparison sites such as Call Wiser Insurance can make it much easier to find a policy that suits you, at a price you’ll be willing to pay.


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