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The Rise of In-Play Sports Betting


The betting industry is one that has never stood still. It is constantly moving with the times and coming up with new ways for people to place bets.

The industry on the whole has come a long way since the days where people had to go to a betting shop, in order to back their favourite football team or wager on an accumulator. Nowadays, people can bet from wherever they are, due to the online betting sites being so common; and they can also do something quite remarkable which is known as In-Play betting.

In-Play sports betting allows punters to place a bet as the event unfolds. This is hugely beneficial for a lot of people, who are watching a live sporting event, like football, cricket or tennis. As this type audience is more likely to feel they have a better chance to predict a particular outcome during the event, and thus want to capitalise by placing a bet on it.  So, for example, a specific player in a live match could be getting a lot of chances to score, meaning he is going to most likely be the next goal scorer; and anyone watching the game will have a natural tendency to want to wager on this outcome.

The rise of in-play betting has been meteoric for the very reason that it gives bettors more control. Market leaders such as Unibet offer hundreds of in-play markets that cover a variety of sports ranging from football and tennis right through to volleyball and snooker. And with punters now able to place bets from wherever they are, usually via their mobile device; it makes sports betting a lot more convenient and improves the whole match experience.

Were also seeing more advertisements for In-Play betting too. These ads are often shown when the event is being broadcast live on television, so that viewers are reminded that they can still place a bet on proceedings. The odds offered are usually enhanced too, which will only help to attract more people to place bets. In-Play betting is also well marketed on social media too, and its these advertisements and promotions that are helping it to continue to grow in popularity. This can be seen in the stats where 45% of 18 – 24 year olds having an In-Play bet in the last four weeks.

With people now able to watch sporting events in a whole manner of ways, even on their smartphones and tablets, it means that In-Play sports betting is only going to continue to get bigger and better. Placing a bet on a sporting event with most gambling operators usually allows the person to be able to stream the event live, on whichever device they have placed the bet from too. This means theyre likely to place even more bets as the football match, for example, goes on.

In-Play betting can also be great for people who have placed a bet prior to a football match or other sporting event beginning. This is because it allows them to cover their bet, in other words, providing a form of insurance, with the likelihood of losing money reduced. This means if the initial bet place before the start of the event, is not looking like a potential winner, as the event progresses; the customer, will always have the opportunity to place In-Play bets in an effort to recoup losses and/or get back that thrill of having a bet that has a more likely chance of winning.

As a result, one can see why In-Play betting has been a revelation for both gaming operators and punters. The future of this practice is evident with now even In-Play betting on horse racing being possible. This type of betting provides benefits for all involved, and with the continuing advancements in mobile technology and ever increasing coverage of live sporting events; we can definitely predict this type of betting will become even more dominant as time goes on.


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