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A Psychological Portrait of A Modern Woman


Fashion changes and so do the fashion icons. We often pay too much attention to advertising and forget to assess what qualities and habits the role models we admire possess.

A woman’s personality is a complex matter. It needs analysis from psychological points of view. Let’s draw a portrait of a modern beauty.

Habits Of A Modern Woman

As the world changes, women adapt. What are habits of the modern female and her psychological characteristics? Modern beauty pays attention to:

  • Safety is the basis for feeling secure and therefore relaxed. Women use high-quality condoms, reliable taxi providers, and the best software for her devices, like vpn for mac or smartphone.
  • It is key for her. She keeps to the dies and works out in a gym. Modern women aware that they should visit doctors two-three times a year in order to track minor health changes and prevent severe diseases, may such be triggered.
  • Contemporary female is not obsessed with fashionable clothes. She values comfort more. She likes to be dressed according to the dress code. Clothes becomes a reflection of her mood rather than her income or her fascination with fashion.

Modern women pursue comfort in most spheres of life nowadays, and consider time spend on being a perfect role model wasted. However, for some, there is no limit to perfection, and they strive to fit the image of a perfect woman.

Psychological Characteristics of a Perfect Woman

Psychologists discovered that people are very different in how they manage their emotional outbursts. Some prefer to keep their emotions, at least negative emotions, inside, others prefer to show them, or just cannot stand it to demonstrate how they feel. The fashion industry is rather inspired by the first type of a female. It is an introvert woman, enigmatic and somewhat restrained. An introvert woman has a sophistication that intrigues and attracts people.

History knew many fashion icons. If to analyze a profile of such an icon that would be:

  • calm;
  • life-loving;
  • thoughtful;
  • positive thinker;

It is a woman of trust and respect. She has her own point of view on everything and, therefore, is ready to protect her position. However, the woman needs to reach certain maturity before she is able to stand her ground.

  • A perfect female can take complicated decisions. She analyzes the situation and makes rational conclusions.
  • She is polite to others.
  • A perfect woman is kind. Kindness is an important feature, basically, in everyone. However, kindness does not mean lack of character.
  • A perfect woman is intelligent.

Such women inspire not only fashion industry, but often people around them as well, mainly because image is not created by clothes and hairdo, or accessories, but by behavior and worldview. Whatever the fashion is, such women are basically always in trend, partially because of their smart approach to the trends, and partially because such women create these trends themselves.


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