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5 Reasons to Go to University


Many students struggle to identify the best career route once they have completed their A Levels. While some will immediately submit their UCAS application, others might be a little more hesitant with their decision. If you need a little convincing, check out the five reasons to go to university.

  1. Embrace a Subject You Love

The thought of another three years of education might fill you with dread, but university is completely different to school, college or sixth form. You will embrace a subject you love at a much higher level and with greater freedom. With no set curriculum, you can choose the modules you want to study and can often create your own essay questions. It will therefore provide more creative and academic freedom, so you can increase your knowledge to master a subject.

  1. Greater Independence

University will provide you with a substantial amount of independence. There will be no teacher asking where you are and why you haven’t studied, as you will be responsible for submitting essays, cramming for exams and showing up to lectures. So, you will feel like an adult instead of a child.

What’s more, it will provide an opportunity to flee the nest and embrace more independent living. Also, you could potentially discover luxury student accommodation that features all-inclusive rent, so it is a good way to ease you into paying bills once you first move out.

  1. Better Career Prospects

Graduates are much more likely to earn a better salary in comparison to those without a degree. Reportedly, the average graduate earns £26,000 per year. It is therefore a long-term benefit for going to university to gain a degree.

  1. New Friends

The first day of university or moving into student accommodation is equally exciting and scary. Yet, everyone will be in the same boat, so it will provide an opportunity to introduce yourself to many people and make many friends. Over time, you will more than likely find a group of students who you will stick with throughout your three years of university and beyond. The friendships you develop will make the experience a lot more enjoyable, and they will become a great support system throughout university life.

  1. Unique Experiences

There will be no other time in your life to embrace your passions. Not only can you gain a deeper understanding on a subject, but you will also have an opportunity to join various university societies. For example, you can join a media society, write for the student newspaper or you could even create your own student magazine. If you have the passion and confidence, you could even run for student union president, which will be impressive on your CV.

While university is not for everyone, it could be the right decision for you. Carefully consider all the reasons listed above and discuss your options with your parents, teacher or loved ones, so you can make an informed decision regarding your academic or career options.


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