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Jeff Sessions Talks about the Future of Gambling


The Attorney General of the United States will always have some topic that he cannot escape making comments on before he leaves office.

In the United States, the issue of legality of gambling, especially the online type has lingered for a very long time, and gets confusing by the day. Many things are not clear about the regulations, and there are many conflicting stories and interpretations in this regard. That is why there is always the need for people that interpret the law to always step in to clarify matters.


This is why the senate of the United States will always ask any person being screened for the position of the Attorney General of the country questions on online gambling regulations. However, it all seems that the answer given by the current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions does not augur well with the owners of online gambling and the State Governors.

Of course, when you want to make regulations that states like Las Vegas feel they will not benefit from, you will actually be touching the tail of the sleeping tiger. A trip to Las Vegas will usher you into a world where the amazingly bright and luminous billboards litter the alleyways and streets. The sky touching edifices stands behind them, from where the all slots casino instant play and other games are offered.

The roulette wheels and their spinning noise will remind you that there is money in there and that you can also be a winner. Getting closer, you will encounter those who have decided to shut out the entire world and soak themselves in the orgy of wine and the desire to win more money.


What happens in casinos like the euro palace casino hall for instance, runs the economy of states like Nevada. It also stands as the means of livelihood for many people across the country.

Because of this, Sessions response when he was queried by Senator Lindsey Graham about the application of the Wire Act on online gambling ruffled the feathers of the governors. No one wants his state to lose more jobs, and they are ready to fight to avoid this. The attorney replied by saying that he is against the decision of the Department Of Justice that the Wire Act of 1961  does not apply to online gambling too. He promised to revisit the matter.

The governors felt that something is being threatened by this statement, so they had to dissuade the federal government from getting involved in an area they shouldn’t.  In their letter to him, they spoke passionately and strongly. While they don’t want more job losses, they also don’t want to the federal government dabbling into things the can comfortably handle.

They stated that any legislative or administrative action to ban online and internet gaming is of huge concern to them. They posited that states have been addressing this issue in history. For them, though individual governors may view the issue differently, the federal government should not make any decision on it without conferring with them.

For them, collaboration between the two is good for the service of the masses. They told the attorney to consider what the state has done to regulate the issue while it does its review. For them, the people in the best position to regulate online gambling are states. Banning, according to them, takes it out of the country and the federal and state authorities would not be able to regulate it when this happens.


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