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Tips to prevent hair loss and regrow lost hair


Are you worried about excessive hair loss and can’t afford the expensive treatment for hair fall or a hair transplant?

Our lifestyle makes us prone to problems like hair fall, which eventually leads to a lack of self-confidence.  Keeping your hair healthy or even recovering lost hair is not an impossible task, if you carry out some tips and tricks which can easily be done at home. Some of them are specifically recommended for the prevention of hair loss which will not only help you prevent hair loss, but will also serve as a catalyst in regaining lost hair.

There are plenty of tips and homemade recipes to combat hair loss, however, this selection of tips cover the most effective and proven tips, to stop the hair fall and help hair regrow. The below-mentioned tips will help you prevent losing hair:

Healthy diet

Whatever we eat has a direct impact on everything, including our hair. To avoid the hair loss that can lead to FUE Hair transplant, we need to choose a diet rich in proteins, and fruits and vegetables that have an excess of vitamin B, iron, calcium and zinc. Do not forget to drink plenty of water.

Massage on the scalp

Massaging your head with natural oils will increase blood flow to the scalp, which helps in the growth of your hair. Recommended oils for massage are olive, coconut, and almond, lavender or rosemary oil. A massage on the scalp not only prevent the fall, but also stimulate hair growth.

Fight dandruff

Dandruff contributes to hair fall, so try to avoid it. There are very good shampoos that will help you eliminate it if you don’t want or have time for some natural treatment for dandruff.

Sleep well

Sleeping 8 hours every night is a fundamental requirement to help with the fight against hair loss.

Wash your hair often

Keeping your hair clean is essential for keeping them healthy. Dirty hair will lead to hair fall that will ultimately lead to complete hair loss.

Take care of your hairstyles

Keeping a tight braid or ponytail for a longer period of time will weaken your hair that will lead to hair fall. If you change your hairstyle, you will reduce the possibility of hair loss.

Beware of treatments

Things like hair straightening, tinting and hair drying for an extended period of time may also become a cause of hair loss. So if these treatments are causing hair fall, it’s time to stop.

Be gentle when combing

Combing hard to remove the knots makes your hair weak and detach from the scalp, which increases hair loss.

Use control-drop droducts

Change your shampoo and conditioner to one that is “control-drop”. This will help you fight hair loss.


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