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Helping Your Kid Think About A Career


The idea that every kid grows up wanting to do what his father does is a bit antiquated. But a Dad can certainly help his children think about what career path they might want to follow.

Questions about when to begin this process and how to do that without applying too much pressure can trip up any guy, so it’s best to have a plan ahead of time.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach this process, and kids differ in terms of their motivation and interest in seeking out possible careers at a young age. But in an age where competition for jobs is becoming ever more cluttered, it’s not a bad idea to help them out or at least give them a push in the right direction.

Knowing a career path will help them choose which classes to take in high school, and, if they need help with those classes, assignmentexpert is a great place to start. Meanwhile, here are some things to consider when giving your school-age child career advice.

Not Too Soon

While your intentions to help your kids out with choosing a possible career might be noble, doing it too soon can burn out a child. Grade-school age kids should worry about doing well in school and having fun; putting too much more on their plate can be counterproductive. If they show interest in a certain area, you can then feel free to give them information or point them to where they can find it. But, short of that; wait at least until the middle school years of seventh and eighth grade to broach the subject.

Give Them Experiences

The best way to help your child is to provide them with as wide a breadth of experiences as possible and hope that they gravitate towards something. Is your child showing an interest in science? You can do everything from finding summer camps dedicated to kids interested in the subject to something simple like buying them a telescope. Are they showing interest in business? See if a local businessman will mentor them. There are a million different ways you can make this happen.

What Are The Bosses Looking For?

Once your child has pinpointed what kind of career he or she might like to follow, you can help them research what it will take to make that happen. Are the collegiate programs for that profession partial to a certain kind of student? Are employers in that particular field more impressed by a great education or by work experience in the field? These are the kinds of questions that you can start asking when your kids get to the latter stages of their high school spans.

Don’t Sweat It

Let’s put it this way: Are you doing the exact job you envisioned yourself doing when you were sixteen years old? Maybe some of you are, but it’s more likely that your career path was a long and winding one rather than a straight line, and your kids will probably be the same. So your priority as a Dad is to make sure you raise a happy, healthy, well-rounded kid first. If you do that, the career stuff will fall into place.


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