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The skills we can learn by playing video games


Video games are often perceived as dangerous by the older generation; however that really isn’t always the case.

Whilst people believe video games can harm our children, if they’re played correctly, video games can actually really help skill development and improve a range of qualities within a person. Since there are so many different genres of game, each one offers a different skill set, whether that is your common FPS or a range of online card game variants.

Patience and Perseverance

If you are a frequent player of video games, it’s likely that you’ve come across the term ‘grinding’ or ‘farming’, which simply involves a repetitive task in order to improve stats or to earn a specific reward. Although this can often be boring, gamers will gain perseverance skills in order to push through the grind and ultimately receive what they want at the end of it. This is an excellent skill to develop, as in the real world of work, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be presented with a job you hate, but you’ll have to persevere and get through it until it’s done. A lot of patience is needed in games such as Destiny, as repetitive gameplay is usually involved in raids, however if you manage to complete all of the raid stages perfectly, you will be presented with a reward for ‘going flawless’. In order to do this, however, players will need patience and perseverance.

Leadership and Socialisation

Whilst almost every game can be played alone, most individuals will play online with other people, which encourages leadership skills as well as socialisation. Whilst parents usually become agitated at their children for playing video games as opposed to venturing outside, it actually reaps amazing socialisation opportunities, as you can meet new people and interact in a range of different ways. If we look past this antisocial stereotype, we can see that games encourage socialisation, sometimes more than in real life. When playing Xbox or PS4, you will be able to create parties and speak to your fellow players via microphone, giving ample opportunities for socialisation. Similarly, on PC games such as World of Warcraft, you can create guilds and interact with other players. Plus, with socialisation comes leadership, as whilst interacting with these people, you can then begin playing together as a team and you can take the wheel and steer your team into victory.

Problem Solving & Strategy

A lot of video games can actually increase your intellect based on the skills that you need to use in order to precede. Online card games such as Gwent or strategic games such as Starcraft II all require you to actually use your brain and problem-solving skills in order to move onto the next stage and receive rewards. With games like this in the market, people will be able to improve their strategic skills and cope with any erupting problems in everyday life. People will be able to start planning ahead in real life and therefore cope better with whatever life throws at them, making video games vital to the development of problem solving and strategic skills.


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