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Best 7 places in the UK for your October half-term holidays: an overview of the most enchanting and convenient English hidden gems


With the half term holidays just around the corner it is getting essential to have at least some ideas to live this little break in a productive way for some time off before the long busy winter months.

Here we are today to help you out finding the perfect spots in the UK that are definitely worth the visit during your October Half-Term free time! Let’s get started!

  • Bath

Miles away from London, it takes just over two hours to reach what is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in England today – we talk about Bath. Declared UNESCO World Heritage, this city is famous for the presence of its thermal springs from which it derives its name.

  • Bristol

Street art and underground music make this center particularly attractive for youth tourism while Georgian and Victorian architecture is another attraction of this city dating back to the beginning of the XI century.

  • Oxford

Known in the world for its University, the oldest Anglo-Saxon university, Oxford today is considered one of the most impressive British counties, with traditional pubs, lively markets and magnificent historic homes.

  • Canterbury

this city founded by the Romans is popular with tourists from around the UK. UNESCO World Heritage Site, Canterbury Cathedral is considered a jewel among European churches. This medieval town boasts a small but fascinating old town with its maze of pedestrian alleys, its walled surroundings and the pleasant walk along the river.

  • Windsor

In the English county of Berkshire, this center is best known for being the home of the famous Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the world, dating back to the time of William the Conqueror.

  • Brighton

Brighton looks like a small, compact center, so it is easily accessible on foot and offering a real jump into the past due to its little streets and glimpse of history here and there and plus, its strategic position nearby the sea gives you amazing views you won’t forget.

  • Glastonbury

The city is famous for its ancient history, the remains of the abbey, the Glastonbury Tor and the numerous legends and the many myths associated with it, such as the one that connects Arthur to this city

How to visit this English gems?

These are some of the best places in the UK you should totally consider in order to create an affordable but exciting travel experience! We highly recommend to choose a rental car service to explore (maybe even more than one city at the time!) in a short amount of time and, most of all, making your travel even more affordable and easier than ever! We used this site and we found several great options for this type of travel experience. Hiring a car will give you the chance to explore in an independent way and at your own pace, several places optimizing both your time, your schedule and, most of all, your money!


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