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Different Types of Offers Online


It reaches a point in every bettor’s life when just playing games doesn’t cut it anymore. The routine online casino you visit, featuring the same type of games can be a little more of a drag. This is the point that the different casino bonuses come in and carry the day!

But what are these casino bonuses? How do you get them? Will the different online casino reviews sites help with this? How do they help you enjoy your time playing at the casino? All these are questions you are about to find their answers right below this article!

What Are Casino Bonuses?

In simple words, they are the incentives you are rewarded by the website that you are playing at to perk your gaming session and get the most out of playing the different games you play online. They come in different forms and shapes, and different websites have different offers to give bettors.

Let’s have a quick overview of the different types of bonuses!

The No Deposit Offer

It’s straightforward to know this type of offer. No deposit bonuses are those that you’ll be awarded absolutely free of any charges. They are a way of the casino saying, ‘Hey, thanks for choosing us and for that we offer you our no deposit amount, no strings attached so that you can play more!’

Different portals have different offers, but usually, since it’s offered free of any charges the value will not exceed €20.

The Welcome Offer

There are those sites that are God sent, and normally, in addition to the no deposit offer, they’ll decide to throw in the welcome bonus. This is the money that will be given to you to welcome you officially to the site. However, unlike the outgoing offer, this has strings attached to it which will require you to make a certain deposit in order to receive it.

Normally, it will be announced in the form of a percentage as ‘Deposit XXX amount of cash up to XXX and receive 100% welcome bonus. In other cases, it might come with free spins attached to it!

The Deposit Offer

Don’t mistake this with the welcome offer, no! Yes, it’s different from it in the sense that it’s usually awarded way after you have become a member of the site. Therefore, the money for the deposit offer will be slightly less, though the wagering requirement might be the same.

Free Spins

Should we call this a bonus? Yes? No? It will depend on how you want to view it, and as far as we are concerned, this is a form of casino bonus as it is given as a way of ensuring that you play for long, and prolong your bankroll. In fact, using the free spins wisely might just win you some decent amount of money. So, as far as we are concerned, it’s a form of bonus.

This is as far as the types of casino bonuses are concerned and you are probably wondering, what’s the essence of claiming the bonus money? Is it really free? What is the catch behind it?

The essence of the casino giving you the cash has already been mentioned above: it’s to ensure that you play for long even with a tight bankroll. Is it free? Not really, because there’s some catch behind it!

Understanding the Important Terms and Conditions for the Bonus Money

Terms and conditions are the defining rules who qualifies for the free cash and what do you have to do in order to withdraw this money. They are important to both the casino and the player and they vary from one portal to another as well as from one offer to another! If you do not understand, don’t worry, read on and discover the important terms and conditions.

Wagering Requirement

Some people will refer to it as the rollover requirement or turnover requirement. This is usually the specific amount of money that you’ll have to wager in real cash before you can withdraw your bonus money. At the different online casinos, it will usually be indicated as 30×, 12×, and so on and so forth.

For example, if an online casino portal offers you a €100 bonus capped at a 12× wagering requirement, what this means is you have to spend a total amount of €1,200 before you can actually withdraw the free cash.

Game Contribution and Game Specific

These are both crucial areas that you have to understand clearly before claiming a reward online. The two parameters are essential in helping you determine how a particular game helps in meeting the wagering requirement and just like the wagering requirement, you can always find the exact details in the terms and condition section.

Future of Casino Bonuses

With the ever increasing competition online, most of the casino portals are doing a spring clean of all their current promotions and introducing newer ones for their players to stick their teeth into. The increased competition means that the future for the different casino bonuses is bright! Watch this space for more updates on fresh and UK friendly offers!



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