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How important is it to go to University?


Post 18 can be a really stressful period in a teenager’s life. You’ve just finished college or sixth form, and it’s time to think about what you want to do with your life now that you’re legally allowed to not receive an education.

For some, an apprenticeship is the road that they want to go down. However, are you aware of how important and impactful university can be on a person’s life? There are numerous benefits associated with graduating from university, practically and socially, so take some time to consider the positive effect that completing UK essays and weekly assignments can have on the rest of your life.

Better Wages

It’s not really surprising that a degree can improve the wages that you will earn after graduation. Especially if your degree is associated with the career path you want to go down, whether that be journalism or biology, you are almost guaranteed to have a higher salary than someone who isn’t more qualified in that particular field. To put this into perspective, someone who has graduated from university will earn roughly £5000 more a year than someone who hasn’t, showing how much difference going to university can have on your life in the future. Over an entire lifetime, this can accumulate to £200,000, so who would you rather be? I’d rather be £200,000 better off.

Recognition in the Job Market

Of course, earning those wages depends on whether you’ve got the job in the first place. However, by achieving a first-class degree at university, you are more likely to be recognised by employers when applying for a job. If you imagine being an employer yourself, who are you more likely to employ – someone with a few decent A Levels, or someone with an impressive degree related to the field of work that your company revolves around? The answer is pretty simple, which is why it’s beneficial to you to attend university and get yourself a qualification. Employment is becoming more difficult by the year for young adults, so give yourself an advantage by attending university.

Pursue Interests in Depth

University is a brilliant opportunity to study your desired field in more depth, which is very beneficial for you if that’s what you’d like to do for the rest of your life. There are 2 major outcomes from attending university to study your interests. You will either love it, graduate with a degree and then pursue a career in it, or you might decide that you’re not as interested as you initially thought, and so search for another alternative. Even if you’re the latter, at least you’ve saved yourself years of unsatisfied working. Plus, when you go to apply for vacancies after graduating, you will already have a significant amount of knowledge within that particular topic, helping you in your career and making life easier for you.

Meeting New People

This reason is less practical, yet important all the same. By attending university for several years, you will be interacting with a range of different people, thus improving your social skills. In the real world, social skills are massively important as no matter what job you apply for in the future, you will probably be working in groups of people or you’ll have contact with clients over the phone or face to face, forcing you to be sociable. By having perfected social skills, you will be much more useful to an employer than somebody who is shy and quiet.



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