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Advances In Mobile Gaming Over The Last Decade


The mobile gaming system has witnessed a lot of innovations and advances, just like many other sectors of our life.  When the internet was created, it changed the way games are played. Games were introduced about 40 years ago. But the proliferation of the internet technologies changed almost everything. Some of the most noticeable changes are listed below.

Mobile gaming

This seems to be the most significant change in the gaming world when it comes to advances.  The arrival of the smartphones in 2007 made it possible that people can now carry their games and play them wherever they go. It is no longer something that must be done on the casino houses or on huge screens. The palms of game lovers can now hold thousands of games tucked in the memory of one tiny device. This led to very interesting bus and train rides, and presents an opportunity for us to exercise our brains on the go at all times.

Cloud gaming

This followed the mobile gaming and it is a very huge advancement in the way games are played.  The cloud came with the arrival of the internet and gives players the leverage of streaming games with their connected devices from anywhere they are. With this, millions of games that are saved in the World Wide Web are now accessed within seconds and enjoyed, instead of the limited number that is available on the consoles.

HD games

This simply made gaming more real. Now, you can see the images and graphics, and they look like real life objects with very bright resolutions. This has actually drawn more people into gaming. The sound system is also part of this, as filtered sound and music make people to fall in love with gaming. The images come in three dimensions, and in your room, you enjoy them. No one gets bored of gaming anymore because of this.

Gaming chair

This is another huge advancement in gaming. Playing HD games could be addictive and intrusive. So, for people to have the comfortable sitting that is required in order to spend hours gaming, the chairs have to be customized to fit. This simply keeps gamers comfortable for multiple hours of sitting. Check advice for sport online for more on what sitting properly does to games.

Voice recognition

Here, you can simply make voice commands and the computer will recognize them and carry out the commands during gaming. This could be used during gameplay, and it could also be used to turn the gaming console on and off.

Gaming gears

This part is turning gaming into an integral part of human life. These include the VR headsets, body suits, and wrist bands. They will get your entire mind and body into the gaming mood. This makes you to get into the game entirely.

Augmented reality

This is the method where the gamers are allowed to have a very unique perspective. This will simply make the game real or try to situate them into real life situations. The players here won’t have to sit in front of the computer screens. No, they are allowed to go through spaces in real life and take the actions in real life. This includes cases like playing table hockey on the counter in your kitchen from a certain angle. Puzzles could be built in your backyard and you are made to solve them too.



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