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Warrington Wolves Acquires Ben Pomeroy: Is It a Smart Choice?


The Warrington Wolves has acquired Ben Pomeroy last June. The reason behind the acquisition is to improve the team’s lineup and increase their overall defensive stats this season.

The 33-year-old Pomeroy has a decent career record has been playing professional rugby for 13 years now. Before his debut as a pro player, Pomeroy also has a brief experience in playing for the Penrith Panthers and the Cronulla Sharks.

When the Australian player turned pro, he was acquired by the Catalans Dragons. After two years with the Dragons and participating in the Super League, Challenge Cup, and the Super 8’s Super League, Pomeroy earned enough stats and accomplishments to catch the attention of the Wolves’ talent scouts.

Ben Pomeroy joins Peta Hiku, another new acquisition in the team, in proving that they’re worthy to be called as legit Warrington Wolves. The Wolves are also in good position as Declan Patton, Tom Lineham, and Ben Westwood is now back to playing after lying low in their careers due to their respective injuries.

Pomeroy’s Thoughts About His New Team

Having played 51 games with the Catalans Dragons in two premiere leagues, the French competition, and the Super League, Pomeroy is a perfect fit for the Wolves as experience is what the team needs. This leaves him in a very confident position in his new team.

According to Love Rugby League, the 33-year-old player says that he is accustomed on how it feels in playing in the French competition. However, he reiterates the fact that he wishes to have a comeback in the Super League tournament with his new team.

Pomeroy also states that it feels like he’ll be having a second debut in his career, as he wholeheartedly feels that he’s a perfect fit for the Wolves. In his final words in the interview, the Australian star reveals that he won’t forget where he came from because he values the time he spent with the Catalan Dragons.

But despite this, he ends with an optimistic tone that he can showcase his prowess and lead his new team, the Wolves, into the Super League.

How the Team Thinks of Pomeroy

Wolves’ Head Coach Tony Smith warmly welcomes Ben Pomeroy into the team, saying that the management came up with a right decision in getting the former Catalan center into the team. Smith also describes Pomeroy as a dedicated player who will do anything just to get a win.

In his own words, Tony Smith says that Pomeroy is a “no nonsense” and “experienced” kind-of-guy, which is why there’s no doubt that he’ll do pretty well in helping the team achieve their goals.

The Wolves management also believes that they are in dire need of a legit Center who not only has the experience but someone who also has the leadership skills. The Wolves see Ben Pomeroy as having those characteristics.

The Place to Bet for NRL

Now that the English League has already started, you can now keep up with the hype and make your pro rugby viewing experience more enjoyable. You can do this by placing a bet on any NRL league team of your choice.

Having acquired a veteran Center, the Warrington Wolves has now increased their chances of winning a handful of games. This makes perfect sense for you to place free bets on the team.

This will not only make your viewing experience more thrilling, but it’ll also give you the opportunity to get some money. Though betting is all about the 50-50 chance of winning or losing, it isn’t always the case because you can count on the betting odds percentage to know which team is most likely to win.

The higher the percentage is, the lower the chances that team will win. It’s because professional sports isn’t always all about the hard work and dedication to win. Sometimes, it’s controlled by a much larger force, such as the team or the league’s financer.

The next match of Warrington would be on July 20 against the Widnes Vikings who are the underdogs. The Wolves have -16.0 odds while the Vikings have a +16.0 odds, with a handicap tie of 20/1.

According to Odds Checker, the matchup has a 1/5 home for the Wolves, a 33/1 draw, and a 26/5 for the Vikings. This shows that the Wolves are likely to continue this trend and become the favorite in the following games.

If they win this game, odds are going to turn against their favor, probably putting them in a -20.0 to -25.0 odds against their opponent.

Final Verdict

Throughout his career, Ben Pomeroy proved that he is continuously improving his game. From his debut year in 2004 to 2013, he had a win percentage of 39.88% which is a decent record.

When he entered the English League, that win percentage went through a drastic increase as it rose to a whopping 54.17%, proving that he had improved his game.  And now, the 2017 NRL season has started, and the English League is in full swing.

At the same time, Pomeroy and the Warrington Wolves have started the year right as the team currently has a 100% winning percentage having won their first game. If the trend continues and basing on Pomeroy’s previous numbers, there’s a huge chance that his win percentage would increase to around 60% to 80%.

This will not only make the team and its fans happy, but it will also turn the betting tides around, making the Warrington Wolves as the bettors’ favorite.


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