Online vs. Offline. Gaming Influence on Modern Society


Online games are those that need a constant Internet connection in order to be played. Offline games are the ones that can run/be played without an Internet connection. There are so many games that can be played online such as Casumo casino in the United Kingdom, but in order to play it offline, you first need to download the game and then install it on your system. However, whichever one you take part in, there are some positive influences that gaming has on the modern society.

Positive influence of gaming on modern society

  1. Improve decision making

Both online and offline games improve one’s decision making ability. There are a variety of games, which help children in their education. Examples of these games include KBC and IQ quiz. They assist in acquiring knowledge since they entail some form of decision making.

  1. Improve problem solving skills

There are some online and offline games, which entail some form of logic and problems that require solutions. Such games improve a person’s problem solving skills.

  1. Hand and eye coordination

Both offline and online games improve hand-eye coordination in a way. Researchers have found that surgeons who play games often get more proficient after gaming for a long time. There are other games where gamers simulate real world body movement, which improves the eye coordination.

Negative influence on modern society

  • Addiction

Both online and offline games may have a negative impact on the modern society and the main impact could be seen as addiction. Games at the gambling websites for instance, could be very addictive.

Addiction affects people’s performance in other activities. This happens when a player’s sleep is affected due to the amount of time spent in playing. Worst still, addiction can lead to people quitting jobs or school. Also, online gaming may lead to parents neglecting their kids because they have to spend all their time at cyber cafes.

  • Social isolation

Playing online or offline games a lot might lead to social isolation. This is because players spend even their leisure time on games. This is mostly seen in console gaming where a person plays for long without talking to anyone or making a break. People who spend most of their time alone become withdrawn, and withdrawal has a bad effect on one’s social life.

  • Cost

Online and offline gaming is a multi-million dollar business and its cost to an average player keeps going up every time. Though playing is a nice hobby, it can be difficult if players feel the pressure of getting every new game release in their favourite genre.

Another factor is the need to buy the current playing platforms. With a huge platform choice; for example, consoles, desktop and mobile games, there is high pressure on the cost of keeping up with recent powerful game technologies.

Gamers also may incur extra costs in paying for the Internet, power and extra hardware. Online games might also need monthly subscriptions, which get costly with time.


Most of the negative effects of online and offline gaming are acute cases. Play is an awesome way to relax and be part of a great gaming world!



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