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Litter louts stoop to new low


LITTER louts and vandals have stooped to a new low at a recently refurbished play ground in Warrington, smearing equipment with dog excrement taken from nearby dog bins.

Local resident Nick Taylor was appalled by what he found at the Shaw Street Recreation Area near his home in Culcheth.

Mr Taylor says the recently refurbished play area has become the target of some fairly unsavoury environmental crimes including repeat littering and emptying of the litter bins.

Bags of dog faeces were taken and their contents spread on ramps in the skateboard area creating an environmental hazard.

An area near the newly resurfaced car park has been dug up and the stones used to throw at the rugby club changing rooms and strewn across the car park along with broken glass.

Mr Taylor said: “It is distressing to see the mess at the play area and the stench and health hazard it has caused.

“We need to find out who has done this as it is an environmental crime and this area is used by many children and will need professional attention to make it safe.”

Mr Taylor said the matter had been reported to Warrington Council, the Parish Council and local Police.

A spokesperson for Warrington Borough Council who moved quickly to clear up the mess in less than 24 hours said: “This appears to have been isolated incident, but if anybody has any information about it our environmental crime officers can be contacted on 01925 443322. Residents can report any future issues on the same number or online at warrington.gov.uk/report  ”


Litter at the Shaw Street play area in Culcheth


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  1. And I am pleased to say the Council and Parish Council gave a magnifient response and cleaned the area up within a few hours – it must have been a nightmare to clean and I commend them all Let us hope we can find the culprits and stop this.

  2. When things like this happen, the people who are caught should be made to pay. If they live in social housing they and their families should be faced with possible eviction….harsh maybe but just like the idiots who smash bus shelters and others who commit crimes against the community they should face tougher and harsher sentences in order to discourage this behaviour…. a few hours community service or a fine is not working so it needs to be more drastic action I’m afraid

    • Would that those in their own homes, for which there is a mortgage, if they are similarly implicated of community related offences, could also be evicted. That said, I agree entirely with you, community service sentences and/or fines are not working and need to be reconsidered.

      • Well they obviously should not be part of whatever community they live in Positron. Other sanctions could be dreamed up, it just takes non-PC non- doo-gooder imagination… rather than the system springing to the defence of these morons and thinking of every excuse under the sun for their behaviour they need punishing and punishing hard

        • I cannot imagine, let alone understand any excuse or defence of the perpetrators of this type of behaviour, whatever their backgrounds or upbringing.

  3. surely a simple loss of privileges should be enough, starting with the one that allows them to remain anonymous when convicted, restrict their freedom a little. three days in the stocks being treated to the same mess they produced would help a little. a touch Victorian perhaps but if it works then try it.

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