Homes approved on historic pub site


PLANNING chiefs at Warrington have given the go-ahead for a pair of semi-detached houses on the site of the old Ship Inn at Walton – despite strong opp9osition from local people.
Walton Parish Council objected to the proposals on the grounds the new homes did not resemble the historic pub which was demolished last year after partially collapsing during redevelopment of the building.
Objectors put forward the argument that the new houses were “vastly different” to the old pub and that the main reason people wanted to live in Walton was because of its historic buildings.
But the committee decided the new properties did resemble the original building and that special protection was being given to trees on the site.
A housing development is taking place behind the pub site – and originally it was intended that the pub should form part of the development, converted for residential purposes.
But when the pub was demolished, following the collapse, the developer put in an application to build a new building on the site.
The parish council claimed the Ship Inn was a building which portrayed the style of its age and was part of the heritage of the area.
They believed it would have been the main feature of the new development which might never have received planning approval but for the retention of the pub.


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  1. In the interests of ‘openness and transparency’ can WBC please give names of the councillors who were on the planning committee when this decision was made and who voted for and against this decision.

    • A quick check on the WBC planning website when the sudden, unexpected collapse (no kidding) occurred did not show up any drawings of the proposals for morphing the Ship Inn and outbuildings into the “three dwellings”. Nor could I find then any proposals for temporary works or propping required to ensure the structural integrity of the Ship’s 100+ year old structure, whilst it was being knocked about a bit. Subsequently, drawings illustrating intentions for the finished article of the “three dwellings” have been posted on line, but nothing on temporary works.

  2. Another developer not made to comply with specific conditions of their planning consent, is not the most depressing aspect of the demise of the Ship Inn. Heaven knows, many who have lived long within the compass of WBC’s planners and planning committees are quickly inured to their collective indifference on the need to preserve buildings that are a proud reminder of the town’s heritage. No. The saddest feature is that of yet another group of Councillors, those we elect to represent our interests, failing to act or question matters on our behalf. And finding every excuse for standing by without querying some of the unconvincing explanations from all quarters, whilst giving trifling, derisory and at times disdainful explanations when their “we know best” detachment is justifiably called into question.

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