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Police operation targets motorists


POLICE and partners in Warrington joined forces for a special operation targeting drivers in the borough.
The multi-agency operation involved officers from Warrington South Neighbourhood Policing Unit working alongside officials from Trading Standards, Warrington Borough Council’s Public Protection Department, HM Revenue and Customs and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).
They carried out roadside checks on vehicles passing through Stockton Heath over a three hour period.
The combined efforts of all agencies resulted in a total of 32 vehicles being stopped.
Of the vehicles stopped, 28 checks were carried out by VOSA and all was in order. Twenty checks were also carried out by HMRC, resulting in one driver being issued an on the spot fine of £500 for the use of red diesel.
Two waste carrier checks were also carried out by council officials and all was in order.
Police officers also carried out checks on passing motorists including ensuring they were wearing a seat belt while driving and ensuring they were not using a mobile phone while driving.
Sergeant Ian Robinson, of Warrington South NPU, said: “This joint operation is another excellent example of successful partnership working within the local community. A lot of different elements were brought together as part of the operation and it was a great success. But our work does not end here and our efforts will continue. We are committed to working with our partners to reinforce the rules of the road.”


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  1. Headline: God alone knows how many publicly funded staff from five seperate agencies succeed in catching ONE driver using red deisel. Superb deployment of scarce resources!

  2. Using Red Diesel is fraud and we all pay for that. It doesn’t say if the other 4 vehicles stopped were a problem, so if just one was caught with quantities of drugs and will be prosecuted, then it is worth all the expenditure.

  3. Silverlady; the big problem with “justice at all costs” is that the cops run away with themselves to catch criminals that to most people aren’t worth catching on that occasion….. how many times have you watched one of those UK cops programmes where they are cahsing a stolen car….. there are 5 or 6 patrol cars, dog cars, control room staff, traffic cars, and then they bring out the helicopetr at thousands of pounds an hour…. and at the end, Jamie Theakston says “and the man in the stolen car was banned from driving for two years and fined £200″…… it has just cost £15,000 just to arrest him; never mind the costs for the prosecution, defence etc….

  4. Come on stop being so negative! How would you feel if one of your family got killed by a driver using a phone whilst driving or via a defective vehicle!! you would soon start to call the Police and other agenicies for not doing their jobs! Obviously you have a sad life and spend to much on your pc

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