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I AM trying to find my father. All I know is that he was an American serviceman.
My mother worked at Burtonwood around 1945/46. She was 18. I was born January 1947 and immediately put up for adoption. By the time I found out I had been adopted, four years ago, my birth mother had died and there was no father’s name on my birth certificate.
My mother, Rita Lilian Filz, was a small slim Jewish lady with long black hair. She originated from Cheetham Hill but was living in the Warrington area at the time I was born.
I have been trying for the last four years to find out who my father was but time is not on my side. If anyone from 1945/6 can contact me I would be most grateful.
My phone number is 0781 726 7352 or I can be contacted by e-mail


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  1. I am in the same position. My father was in the USAF and i was born in 1955. My birth mother refuses to have contact with me and without her I have no idea who my dad is/was! anneliz!

  2. I too had family that all began with an american GI stationed at Burtonwood and a beautiful local.I have been blessed and 12 years ago I was put in contact with my 4 brothers.Before we made contact our father had passed,their mother recently passed a little over a year ago.We are still trying to peace together that part of their lives to help us better understand our own,maybe in our search we can all help each other.Im not sure how much help I could offer,but would be willing to try. My contact info is

  3. I am also in exactly that position, also born May 1955. I have tried searching on and off for a long time. I have a name, Robert Spiers which may or may not be correct, but other than the only information I have is that my father was an American (Probably USAF) stationed at Burtonwood.

  4. I was born in 1957. My Father was sent to France when he told his commanding officer that my Mother was pregnant. I have always known his name although he is not on my birth certificate. A friend who works for the NSPCC said they could trace him for me and I know that the Salvation Army will also help. I didn’t need them but they may help you. Good Luck

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