Woolston Lido memories


Does anyone remember Woolston Lido in the 1950’s 1960’s?
If you do I would love to receive any pictures you might have of it .
I remember the Morris Dancers who used to practice there and I also remember a Caravan Park at the rear of the Lido.
Hope someone can help.
Sandra Kindon (Nee Hanagan)


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  1. hi born and grew up in greymist ave our house backed onto the lido caravan park. i’m 41 so only remember it vaguely. My parents still live there so will ask if they have any stuff on it. Will mail you if i get anything

    cheers andy

  2. Hi Andy

    I had given up all hope of hearing anything about the Lido. It would be great if your parents did have something. If they do I will be willing to pay the costs of copying any photo’s they may find.



  3. I grew up at the Lido. The freezing cold water, the terrifying high board, the cold concrete changing rooms, the frogs and leaf infested pool and the one penny jam butties from the back window of the restaraunt, will live forever in my memory.

  4. My mum and used to take me to the Lido in 1936/39 in those day’s in was one of the in places to be seen in Warrington, with a bar and cafe parents could have a drink, sunbath or swim while keeping a eye on the kid’s, at that time Peter Kane the featherweight Champion of the world frequented the place which gave it a certain excitement

  5. we used to do morris dancing in the hall, I was a mascot and we had tambourines and shakers I think the man that ran it was Mr Wright and the frogs in the swimming pool and the caravans were always in my memory from 1959, my mum used to go dancing at the Lido in the 1940’s

  6. Doreen Cook. née Hardman on

    A real old post just discovered. Lived in Woolston, Barnfield Rd. 1946 to 1951. Great friends with Shirley Jones who’s father owned the lido. They lived adjacent to the lido in a big detached house on Manchester Rd. Lost touch with her and others over the years. Happy memories spent at the lido. Went to Oakwood Avenue Girls School.

    • Did you live at No.13 , as I think that the Hardmans used to live next door to my family at No.11.Was your Dad called Stan?

      I can remember the Lido but mainly from catching the 79 bus from outside.

    • Do you mean Elise Jones? The house is called Grey Mist – it is still there and surrounded by houses now. Her mother, Mrs Jones moved to a bungalow on the other side of Manchester Road before she passed away.

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