I don't know if you know but the service station at Burtonwood on the hangar site is haunted.
One day in about 1997 I stopped at Burtonwood service station and I was paying for the petrol I had put in my car when a woman attendant came in from the back of the shop looking a bit flustered.
She remarked to a member of staff who was serving me that part the stock had moved again.
I was ear-wigging - as you do: I couldn't stop myself so I said ' Is the place haunted then?'
Both the woman looked at me an knodded 'oh yes'. But they went very quiet like they weren't suppose to talk about it.
I said 'Goodbye' and left. I knew I would never forget that incident.
Also when I am driving home towards Prescot on the M62 at night I always get an eerie feeling as I approach the hangars particularly at the spot where the main WWII runway crosses the M62.
Later I went on to became a filmmaker and filmed several haunted spaces.