WARRINGTON people are being asked for their views on a scheme which will allow victims of crime to have a say on the punishment offenders receive.
The Community Remedy scheme will tackle anti social behaviour and low level crime. Locally Cheshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer (pictured right) will draw up a list of proposed punishments for victims to choose from.
These are likely to include measures such as paying compensation, repairing damage or cleaning up graffiti, doing unpaid work or taking part in alcohol or drug treatment.
Mr Dwyer said: "Tackling yobbish behaviour was a high priority in my manifesto and Community Remedy can be a significant part of that.”
Consultation is taking place nationally and Mr Dwyer is urging people in Warrington to express their views. In each area the Commissioner will draw up a list of punishments for victims to choose from.
Mr Dwyer said: “This system will give the victim a real voice and should provide quick and effective solutions to the type of low level crime and anti social behaviour which blights people's lives.
"In many cases there will also be a benefit to the wider community and, ultimately, a positive outcome for the offender. In fitting the punishment to the crime it should make the offender more aware of the consequences of his, or her, actions; a vital factor in preventing re-offending.”
He said the punishments were not a “soft option.” He said Restorative Justice was already successfully used in Cheshire and these measures, used in appropriate cases, could extend its range and effectiveness.