A LETTER sent by a law firm acting on behalf of developers who want to build on  Green Belt land at Warrington  has been branded as "grossly insulting."
Cllr Chris Vobe is furious over the letter sent to the borough council's planning department on behalf of Elan Homes Ltd.
The letter suggests that objections from more than 280 residents to proposals for 25 houses on the former HMS Gosling camp site, off Lady Lane, Croft, are of little consequences.
It states: "The various objection forms generated by Councillor Vobe... should be accorded very limited weight".
Cllr Vobe retorted: "Only a company with such staggering levels of ignorance as Elan Homes could say that the mass of objections to this scheme by Croft residents should be accorded 'limited weight.'
"So far, 286 individual residents of Croft have added their name to my petition against this development. These are people who live in the village, send their children to school here, and will have to live with the after-effects if this development goes ahead.
"This letter to the council's planning department, which was passed to me, is nothing short of grossly insulting. It takes no account of the impact of this development on the village, and fails to address many of the legitimate concerns we have.
"Elan Homes have proved once and for all that they do not care about the community that they are trying to foist their houses upon. They just want to make a quick buck and then move on to the next development. Why else would they dismiss so many objections out of hand?"
Cllr Vobe says residents should attend the council's development management committee meeting on August 23 when the future of the site will next be considered.
Members of the committee have already put off a decision once to give time to inspect the site.
Cllr Vobe added: "This is not 'nimbyism' or a 'namby-pamby' approach to the spectre of development; it is a genuine desire by local people to protect our heritage, and put a halt to a scheme which would cause major traffic problems on an already-congested route.
"I hope that local people will join me at the Town Hall on August 23 to show the strength of feeling about these plans. All eyes will be on the planners, who I am urging to make the right decision for Warrington."
Pictured: Cllr Vobe at the site entrance with the offending letter.