A bully who preyed on vulnerable housing trust tenants in Warrington has been served with an Anti-Social Behavour injunction which basically bans him from entering a wide area of town.
Robert Saxon, a 40-year-old unemployed Warrington man, has been issued with a two year Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) Injunction after preying on vulnerable tenants of Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) since 2010.
Saxon, (pictured) had already been the subject of several injunctions that GGHT had taken out to protect individual tenants. However, each time an injunction was obtained, the bully simply moved onto a new victim, often in a different locality within the Warrington borough.
His behaviour, which included violence, intimidation, and exploitation of vulnerable people in the community, was described by a Judge to be “calculated and cruel”.
After Saxon assaulted a female resident, for which he was subsequently convicted in February 2012, GGHT applied to the court for a wider injunction including an extensive exclusion area.
Helen Grant, the Trusts ASB Manager said “I am delighted with this result which has been the culmination of hard work by Officers of the Trust, the Community Safety Partnership and the legal teams at Berrymans Lace Mawer and Arden Chambers.
“I hope that this injunction both reduces the risk of harm that may otherwise have been caused by Saxon and also sends a clear message to others who may see our vulnerable tenants as ‘easy targets’ that this behaviour will not be tolerated. I also commend the courage of the witnesses who gave evidence in this case."

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