VILLAGERS at Culcheth are complaining about the needless removal of trees - particularly from The Common and in the Kirkby Road area.
They claim borough council workmen arrive, unannounced, early in the morning and fell trees claiming they are "diseased" or in need of being thinned out.
One resident, Brian Wilkinson, said: "If one now examines Kirkby Road, the right hand side is virtually denuded of trees.
"They never replace one."
In another incident, a small tree on the edge of The Common, opposite the retirement flats, was "decimated" in order to place some form of electrical box there, he said.
Mr Wilkinson said the trees were often removed at 8am, before locals were out and about.
Trees that were well in leaf were removed.
He added: "Could we seek leadership to have this stopped? Could the council be required to replace any actually diseased trees and could the adjacent residents have sight of any alleged 'disease' report well before action is taken?"
A council spokesman said: "After an inspection from the arboricultural officer in May, some of the trees on Kirkby Road were found to be dead, including the tree on Culcheth Common, or in decline due to fungal disease.  These trees were felled to remove any risks posed to the public and to prevent the spread of the fungal disease.  
"It is not common practice for us to notify the public about works being carried out as our work programme is extensive. However, we have taken on board residents' concerns about not being notified."
Pictured: workmen fell trees at Culcheth.