I would just like to share the fantastic day out we had as a family with the staff, teachers, parents and children from King's School Woolston,  at Jodrell bank.
We spent quality time with the new teachers, vice principal, assistant vice principal and interim head of King's School  Woolston. 
Sir Ian Hall also came along on this very productive day. It gave all children and parents chance to meet and ask questions with all the staff for the new school. This was a very special bonding session with the children finding new friends, meeting staff and enjoying quality time, at the same time learning about their new school. I would like to thank all the staff for a wonderful opportunity to meet the staff in such a friendly manner.
This will no doubt help the children, who will be attending the new school in september. I would just like to say how privileged I am for my daughter to be going to this new free school in September. There has been lots of discussions about this new school, not all of them favourable.
I have total faith and confidence in all of the staff, teachers and would like to thank them all for bringing this truly fantastic school to Warrington, and also for the oppportunity to be part of this new venture, which we know will be a success.
Yours faithfully
Mrs Jane Willington