CAMPAIGNERS are to stage a "pasty protest" in Warrington town centre next week over Chancellor George Osborne's VAT ruling.
They are backing bakeries who say they will be badly hit by the Coalition's "pasty tax".
Placard-carrying protesters, wearing George Osborne masks, will descend on Golden Square in Warrington on Wednesday, to hand out leaflets.
The demonstration, which will be supported by the Bakers Union, is part of the North West TUC's campaign for an alternative to the Coalition's austerity measures.
NW TUC Regional Secretary Alan Manning said: "It's unfair for this Conservative-led Government to increase VAT on hot food.
"It hits Warrington people on low incomes, because they especially spend more of their hard-earned money at the local bakers.
"We will be putting the alternative - a tax on bankers bonuses, a crackdown on tax avoidance, and VAT on posh schools like Eton, rather than 'bread and butter' items like food."