A TOTAL of 61 candidates will go to the polls in the Warrington Borough Council elections on Thursday, May 3.
Labour and the Liberal Democrats will be contesting all 19 seats which fall vacant on that date, the Conservatives will be fighting 15 and there will be six Green Party candidates and two for the UK Independence Party.
The council is currently controlled by Labour, with 34 seats, while the Liberal Democrats have 17 and the Conservatives six.
Three wards are not being contested this year - Great Sankey North, Latchford East and Latchford West.
But voters are going to the polls in a number of key wards.
Conservative finance spokesman Paul Campbell will be defending his seat at Penketh and Cuerdley and there is expected to be a close fight between the Liberal Democrats and Labour at Poulton North where voters have taken part in two by-elections since last summer, both won by the Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats Kevin Reynolds and David Earl face strong challenges at Whittle Hall and Westbrook respectively and Liberal Democrats will be trying to wrest back the Hatton, Stretton and Walton seat from Conservative Paul Kennedy.
Labour's Chris Vobe - son of Warrington North MP Helen Jones - is going head-to-head with Conservative leader Keith Bland  in a keenly contested campaign at Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft.
Leader of the council Terry O'Neill and his deputy, Mike Hannon, are both defending their seats in safe Labour wards.
But national issues usually dominate the local elections and the most likely outcome is thought to be that Labour will strengthen their position on the council.
The full lists of candidates is as follows.
Appleton: Brian Axcell* (Lib Dem), Paul Carter (Lab), Phil Marshall (Cons).
Bewsey and Whitecross: Jeff Richards* (Lab), Judith Wheeler (Lib Dem). Birchwood: Nigel Balding (Cons), Charlie Hulse (Lib Dem), Pauline Nelson* (Lab).
Burtonwood and Winwick: Stefan Krizanac (Lib Dem), Terry O.Neill* (Lab), June Rios (Cons).
Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft: Keith Bland* (Cons), Merril Cummerson (Lib Dem), Chris Vobe (Lab).
Fairfield and Howley: Kevin Bennett* (Lab), Nicola Brent (Lib Dem), Lyndsay McAteer (Green).
Grappenhall and Thelwall: Roger Cawthorne (Cons), Ted Finnegan (Lib Dem), Mark Littler (Lab), Michael Smith (Green), Richard Vaughan (UKIP).
Great Sankey South: Sam Baxter (Cons), Roy Smith (Lib Dem), Tony Williams (Lab).
Hatton, Stretton and Walton: Dave Hockenhull (Lib Dem), Paul Kennedy* (Cons), John Park (Lab).
Lymm: James Ashington (UKIP), Graham Gowland (Lib Dems), Su Williams (Lab), Sheila Woodyatt* (Cons).
Orford: John Davies (Lib Dem), Mike Hannon* (Lab).
Penketh and Cuerdley: Paul Campbell* (Cons), Allin Dirir (Lab), Tim Price (Lib Dem).
Poplars and Hulme: Helena Campbell (Cons), Iona Gillis (Lib Dem), Brian Maher* (Lab).
Poulton North: Sandra Bradshaw*(Lib Dem), Mark Chapman (Cons), Billy Lines-Rowlands (Lab).
Poulton South: Jeff Butler (Lib Dem), Colin Froggatt*(Lab), Eveline Van Der Steen (Green).
Rixton and Woolston: Diana Grylls (Lib Dem), Lilian Houghton (Cons), Ross Lloyd (Green), Tony McCarthy*(Lab).
Stockton Heath: Laurence Murphy (Lab), Ann Raymond (Lib Dem), Stephen Taylor (Cons), Kenneth Wilson (Green).
Westbrook: David Earl* (LibDem), Michael Foxall (Cons), Judith Guthrie (Lab).
Whittle Hall: Stephanie Davies (Green), Will Hughes (Lab), Jonathan Levy (Cons), Kevin Reynolds* (Lib Dem).
*denotes sitting councillor.