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Chamber hosts export workshop
By Orbit News Ltd.
Published on 06/03/12 7:00 am
WARRINGTON Chamber of Commerce is running a special workshop to help businesses make the leap from national to international sales.

WARRINGTON Chamber of Commerce is running a special workshop to help businesses make the leap from national to international sales.
Sponsored by the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), the event is aimed at SMEs who are not yet exporting but considering the option to help expand and grow their business overseas.
Taking place on March 30 at the International Business Centre in Warrington, up to 25 companies will be given expert advice and learn about the assistance available while also hearing first hand experience from a local business on their decision to follow up overseas enquiries. The UK has always had a reputation for being a strong trading nation with many examples of an “export-led recovery”.  
Chamber Chief Executive Colin Daniels (pictured) says the case for exporting is a compelling one.  “It is not only good for the economy but makes good business sense,” he said.
“Exporters open their doors to a vast number of potential customers, reducing their dependence on a single market or small number of markets. Research also shows that exporting firms see their productivity increase, achieve stronger financial performance and are more likely to stay in business than those that don’t. Put simply, exporters enjoy levels of growth and economies of scale not possible domestically. In fact, for many, it is the crucial difference between surviving and thriving.”
Many UK companies, no matter what their size or sector, have products and services that are in demand globally. Yet, despite all these advantages, relatively few UK companies export - just one in 25, according to recent statistics. A key part of the role of the UKTI, the government department that helps British companies succeed in the global economy, is to help firms navigate the issues that come with accessing new markets, so that they can achieve their export potential.
The above findings are from the UKTI “From Surviving to Thriving: Doing Business Overseas” report based on a survey conducted in conjunction with Director magazine as well as UKTI’s own surveys. Small and medium-sized enterprises were the main respondents and came from all sectors.
Warrington Chamber, alongside partners such as UKTI, continues to encourage SMEs to broaden their horizons and consider selling their products and services overseas.
To express an interest in the “Inspired to Export” workshop and/or to receive the weblink to download the full UKTI report “From Surviving to Thriving: Doing Business Overseas” please request this by email from the Warrington Chamber team on info@warrington-chamber.co.uk.