WARRINGTON Borough Council is working closely with a community interest company which promotes a wireless solution to areas suffering from poor broadband services.
The Hull-based company, NextGenUS, has developed a system that normally benefits rural areas but can also be effective in semi-rural and urban areas.
It involves broadcasting a strong wireless signal from a source that is connected to fibre broadband.
Each property would have a receiver installed on the chimney or gable end, similar to a TV aerial.
Installation costs are generally between £100-£150 depending upon the take up in the area, and monthly costs are around £25. This can often provide a minimum of 10Mb broadband capability and regularly above 40Mb.
Cllr Faisal Rashid, who represents the Whittle Hall area, said: "The council has conducted a test from the roof of the Town Hall and broadcast a signal over Burtonwood and Winwick.
"This was partially successfully as some residents could receive a signal in these areas and some could not, generally because of signal strength and line of sight issues.
"These will be resolved as the set-up is fine tuned, however this is only a test at this stage and further discussions will be held with NextGenUs on how we move forward."
A transmitter has also been placed on the Town Hall roof to broadcast towards the Chapelford area and similar tests are planned in the near future.