FIREMAN rescued a cat which spent more than 18 hours in freezing conditions on the top of a roof in Great Sankey, Warrington.
Local resident Derek Hunt first noticed the cat when he went to put the wheelie bins out late on Thursday afternoon but thought it would find its way down.
However, the white and black cat was still there the following morning and after trying to find its owner Derek contacted the RSPCA.
Inspector Naomi Norris (pictured below) went to the house in Mapplewell Crescent but was unable to reach the cat with a special noose so she called Cheshire Fire Brigade.
Firemen had to use two ladders to reach the top of the roof and Firefighter Stuart MacKenzie (pictured right) eventually brought the cat down to safety.
Naomi took the cat away for a veterinary inspection.
Any one who recognises the cat is asked to contact warrington-worldwide via

Happy ending - Naomi with the cat