A MAN known as "Mr Versatility" in the game of basketball was guest speaker at a meeting of Warrington Rotary Club.
Delme Herriman told his audience of his dream at the age of 11 of wanting to be a basketball player in the United States.
After a lot of hard work he went to play college basketball in the US, helped by Rotary sponsorship. He described playing college games in front of crowds of up to 42,000 fans.
After playing at a high level in the US college leagues he was eventually signed as a professional in the Italian Premier League, the first ever UK player to play in it.
He retired from top-flight basketball following an international career with England and winning a bronze medal at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006.
Delme, who is now coaching in the game in the North West, is regarded as being one of the most versatile players in UK basketball. Playing in four positions earned him the name "Mr Versatility."
He has written a book with this title, with his sister, outlining his career in a bid to encourage young people to follow their dream.
Pictured: Rotary president Jim Melville (left) with Delme Herriman and  Malcolm Ross from Warrington Rotary Club.