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Buildings evacuated after grenade fished from Mersey


POLICE went to Centre Park, Warrington, this afternoon following reports that a hand grenade had been discovered.
The incident was near the Premier Inn and the grenade was pulled from the nearby Mersey by a fisherman.
Nearby premises were evacuated during the operation and some road and path closures were put in place.
A bomb disposal unit was sent to the scene and removed the grenade for it to be destroyed by a controlled explosion on nearby waste land.


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  1. At first I wondered how on earth a fisherman had pulled it from the river as hand grenades don’t tend to go for bait on a hook. Anyway seems the ‘fishermen’ were actually magnet fishing looking for old coins and relics etc. Now that sounds like fun and I wonder if you need a licence to magnet fish…..I have a super strong boat magnet….mmmm new hobby maybe 😉

    When you think about it though years ago the Mersey was regularly dredged so it’s quite amazing that this hand grenade was still there for the taking and hadn’t been caught up and exploded during the dredging process. Scary thought that it could have easily happened and I wonder how many more are still lurking.

    • Exactly my thought as well. The only magnetic coins are the modern 2p and 1p (After1985) that have a high steel content. They are magnetic for sure. The rest are non magnetic and all precious metals are non ferrous as well.

    • I never though of that and really the Mersey is a pretty unsafe place to be playing anyway…. I might dangle it in the safer Bridgwater one day though just for fun to see if it finds anything.

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